Power Processing Landscapes & Nature
in Lightroom and Photoshop

Curt Warwick and Kirk Carter

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MCPS Technology Center computer lab in Christiansburg

Know what you can accomplish in processing so you can push the limits in camera.

Photographers who know how to fully optimize their images in processing end up with more good shots and more great work. Chances are you have the beginnings of some great photographs in your archives right now -- just waiting for the full treatment in Lightroom and Photoshop. Plus, going through the full processing sequence is a great way to improve your photography.

Learn how to process your captures like a pro in this new series of classes held at the fully equipped MCPS Technology Center computer lab in Christiansburg. Using all of the powerful developing tools in Lightroom 4, Curt Warwick takes you through the essential steps in processing globally for color, contrast and tonality.

Then Kirk Carter demonstrates advanced techniques in Photoshop CS6. You'll learn the best ways to improve skies, remove power lines, and select precisely just part of an image for further adjustment -- all non-destructively.

Curt is a Lightroom power user, and Kirk has 15 years experience with Photoshop.

In this Power Processing class, we demonstrate the techniques required for optimizing landscapes and nature photographs.

Topics Include...

  • Exposure issues and dynamic range

  • Replacing or improving skies

  • Removing power lines

  • Level horizons

  • Stitching panoramas

  • Moving cows

  • Removing distracting elements

  • Adding background blur

Learn How To...

  • Adjust tones and contrast for visual impact

  • Move between Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Retouch so cleanly no one will know you did it

  • Make fine changes to contrast and tonality

  • Work non-destructively so you can always undo a change

  • Choose the most effective tool for the job

  • Decide whether to make any given change in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Individualized Training

Bring one of your difficult captures to class. After the demonstrations, we'll help each student individually with an image of their own.

Work on your own computer or plan to use one of the Windows machines in the lab.

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Sign up at top right via PayPal, or if you would rather pay by credit card or cash on the night of the class, drop us an email curt@reallynicelight.com so we can save your seat. (Sorry, we are not set up to take checks.)


The MCPS Technology Center is at 1180 North Franklin Street, Christiansburg, VA. It's a brick building on the corner of Franklin and Independence. You may see several white trucks parked there. Ring the doorbell at the double doors on west end of the building.

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