Night Photography Workshop Series

Series Objective

Take your photography to the next level by learning how to capture star trails, light painting, and surreal night landscapes. This comprehensive night photography experience combines learning technical skills with guided trips to epic vantage points along with post-processing assistance. Learn everything you need to know to create stunning night photos!

Who Should Attend?

This series is for photographers who are serious about their photography and are interested in expanding their skillset through learning and experience. Attendees should be familiar with changing their camera settings manually. A camera with manually adjustable settings and a tripod is required.

Series Structure

  • Elements Lesson - an evening learning session (approximately 2-3 hours) spent learning and practicing the technique you’ll be using on the field trip. These sessions will generally be held on Friday evenings; another time can be arranged to fit your schedule if needed.

  • Photography Trip - a field trip scheduled for a few days after the learning session so the skills you gained will be fresh in your mind. The field trips will be planned for Saturday evenings and will be around a 1-2 hour drive from Roanoke. Some shoots can last 4-5 hours, but you are free to come and go on your own schedule.)

  • Post-Prcessing/Follow-up - an online post-processing follow-up session will help you get the most out of your images and give you a chance to ask follow-up questions. These sessions will generally be held on the Tuesday or Wednesday following the field trip.

Workshops in the Series

ExposureRoanoke: Cold Weather Shoot Introduction to Night Photography - This workshop covers the fundamentals of night photography, including how to adjust camera settings, what tools to bring with you on a shoot, how to dress for a night shoot, safety tips, and more. This workshop also includes a demo of Google Hangout, which is what will be used for the post-processing sessions. The knowledge gained in this workshop will allow you to get the most out of the other workshops.

Out for a Spin on the BRP Light Painting/Artificial Light - During this workshop we will be work on understanding and using your own foreground lighting and light sources, a valuable skill for adding elements into other types of night scenes. You will work with different types of light sources ranging from flashlights to campfires to traffic to fireworks while learning how to deal with the varying characteristics when incorporating them into your scene.

Moonrise at Glass Window Night Landscapes - Learn to capture landscapes with starry skies above, the Milky Way, surreal water scenes, and more. This workshop will cover many of the principles that go into traditional landscape photography and help you translate them into methods that work in the dark.

Stars on the James Long Exposure/Star Trails - This workshop will focus on exposures longer than the typical night landscape requirement which may be necessary when there is little ambient light. You will also learn to create star trails using both long exposure and stacking techniques so that you'll be able to create star trails during any lighting condition. You will need to have the remote/release that will allow your camera to shoot in "bulb" mode.

The Fine Print

  • Scheduling/Weather - Some types of night photography are more weather dependent than others. Star trails need clear skies without much moonlight, for example, while light painting can be done in pretty much any conditions. So with that in mind, we'll have to be flexible with the scheduling. Workshops will be repeated, so if you can't make one, you miss one, or the weather refuses to cooperate, you can attend a future one. Or, we can schedule a time that works for both of us when conditions are favorable.

  • Photography Trips - Some locations are better suited for certain types of shoots and seasons and those factors will be considered when deciding where the trip will be. You are responsible for your own transportation to the location (carpooling is encouraged) and safe conduct and comfort while there.

  • Processing Sessions - Our post-processing and follow-up sessions will be held online using Google Hangouts. You'll need a free Google+ account and a capable computer to participate. For more info on how Hangout works, check out Google's info page at

  • Refunds - If you don't think you've gotten your money's worth, talk to me about it and I'll refund it. If you can't make it to a workshop you've signed up for, no problem. You can attend another when it comes around or get with me and we'll schedule one around your schedule. Your time and my time are both valuable. That being the case, no refunds or carryover credits will be issued for no-shows. If you find out that you cannot make a scheduled appointment/event/workshop that you have indicated you will be attending, please let me know as soon as possible.

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$175 per workshop - includes elements lesson, photography trip and post-processing session.

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$395 for all four.

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Shooting in Whistler, BC
Jon Beard is a photographer and adventurer from the mountains of Virginia with a background in technical education and 15 years of experience as an instructor.


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For questions or more information contact Jon Beard at 540-384-0566 or by email: